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You cannot create a Blueprint that holds multiple actors in the same way the level does in World Outliner. Unreal is different than Unity in that the hierarchy stuff in the level is not the same as the hierarchy stuff within an Actor. Blueprints are (usually) subclasses of the C++ classes UObject, AActor, or UComponent. An Actor has a set of Components, ...


A C macro is literally just text substitution, about half a step up from basic search-and-replace. The UE_LOG macro is defined somewhere, providing a bit of code that the values you provide are substituted into, which then gets inserted into your code in the place of the UE_LOG invocation you wrote out. If putting an invalid value into the macro causes the ...


You can re-import it using a different name then delete the existing, incorrect model. Unreal will check that the model is in use and warn you about deleting it but one of the options is replace references. You can now choose your newly imported character and Unreal will take care of the rest.

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