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Flying AI shakes when chasing and avoiding obstacles simultaneously

If I'm understanding correctly, the issue is that you're oscillating back and forth between two states... State 1 is when you're out of collision range and it moves normally. State 2 is when it's ...
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Sprite chasing a target using move_towards_ip does not move

pygame.sprite.Group.draw: Draws the contained Sprites to the Surface argument. This uses the Sprite.image attribute for the source surface, and Sprite.rect for the position. So we need to update ...
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How to move in 3D space in first person mode?

Camera has it's own set of axes. You generally store any two of the three : camFront, camRight and ...
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How to make redirected player movement respond to same key?

Not tested, but you could try looking at which keys the player is pressing when they're warping and setting the velocity x/y values to 0 when they're released depending on how much the movement is ...
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