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Is it possible to use a pre-existing texture buffer containing vertex data to initialise a vertex buffer for rendering in OpenGL v4.6?

Have you tried using a GPU debugger like RenderDoc? That should be able to show you what's going on. However, the approach that you probably want here is to use Vertex Texture Fetch - this is simply ...
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OpenGL texture not working

As an answer / solution to my own question, where it firstly wen't wrong was mismatches between gl calls, eg. I had glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D), but no ...
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How to convert a dynamic VIewportTexture to a "static" one?

I'm assuming this question is related to your previous one and, therefore, that you are using Godot 4. By default, the behaviour of a SubViewport is to update its ...
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Failure on DX11Texturesavetofile for B5G6R5_UNORM format

D3DX11 is legacy and has numerous limitations and bugs. For details on it's status, see Living Without D3DX and Legacy D3DX on NuGet. D3DX11 was never updated to support 16bpp formats because they ...
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