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Export fbx from blender with scale 0.08. Make sure to export the camera only. Import your fbx asset in your Unity project. You have to add an animator to the camera. Editing the animator, you drag and drop your motion fbx. Press DEL to remove the first of the two animations. Magically your camera is responding your animation.


Both options have pros and cons; in practice I'd advocate for using a mix of techniques, as appropriate for the situation. When the animation drives the object's world position, the animator has significantly increased control over the artistic look and feel of the animation and how realistic (or stylistic) they'd like it to be. But the game has ...


In my opinion this is best handled inside the game and NOT inside the animation. In your case that would be inside Unity and not Blender. So the idea is the animation is only showing what your character looks like when they get hit, and through Unity you can configure how long away you want the character to move. Here are the benefits: You can use the ...


Remember, just because two things look the same or logically are the same in your game's fiction, does not mean they need to be the same entity in your game's implementation. Here you can have one model that is your boss as a whole, that you can animate as one complete being. Using submeshes or vertex colours, you can split parts of it to render only ...


From this, I can see two solutions. Either you could recreate the effect in Unity, thus negating the problem entirely and leading to potentially cooler results, or you could just fix and export the thing. Reanimate in Unity Rather than trying to get the object and its animations to export from Blender into a usable format, you could export the model and ...


Silly me, IT says the error right on the terminal skipping geometry without materials Just add a material to the model. Seems blender previous versións of blender models comes with a default material

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