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Camera movement automatically tracking a tool over a surface

Personally, I would add an empty game object in the middle of the head and have the camera always LookAt() it. Then place another empty game object, as a child of the clippers, and have your camera ...
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How do i put an entities x,y and z coordinates to a variable(?) in Blitz3D?

moving camera with player by two if-statements isnt very good solution, use EntityParent() function (EntityParent(view,player1)), so "view"-entity (camera)...
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Is it possible to add new waypoints to Dolly Track in Unity CinemachineVirtualCamera on the go?

While I did not test it's usefulness in terms of smooth transition I made a version of dolly track that uses list and seems to add/subtract waypoints progressively. The working solution to the problem ...
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How do real time cutscenes work?

The simplest set of steps when a in-engine cutscene triggers is: disable player control move the camera to where it needs to be start playing all the required animations and sound files. These are ...
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