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Unity Animator default values overwriten Setting it to "true" did it for me.
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Inconsistent Speed Of A Projectile Traveling On A Bezier Curve

Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to figure this out. But I didn't want to abandon this thread without closing the loop. If you are on Unity 2022 LTS you can simply use the Unity Spline package. It ...
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In Unreal Engine 5, how do I include and use UPlayMontageCallbackProxy::CreateProxyObjectForPlayMontage in C++?

I never used the UPlayMontageCallbackProxy but Error LNK2019 usually means you are lacking the include. Looking at the docs, you ...
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Weapon jitter when playing FPS animation

Nvm I managed to solve this by myself, in the import setting, the animations are compressed by default for some reasion, I have to disable it to solve this.
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