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AABB Collision Resolution Per Face

I find that "collision detection" is (more) about "anticipating" where and when it's going to happen, letting it happen, and controlling the overall situation. Not "did I hit ...
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Representing a concave polygon as a hull "minus" convex cavities

Follow up: I am allowing polygons with holes, which themselves may be concave - this complicate the problem. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to simply check pair-by-pair of triangles.
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Representing a concave polygon as a hull "minus" convex cavities

Your triangulated mesh already represents a convex hull with a cavity, there's no need to perform additional collision checks only to invalidate previous tests. This potentially means additional ...
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Finding the contact point with SAT

Let: cpv = Contact Point Vector mtv = Minimum Translation Vector vel = a unit vector for direction of velocity k = how long cpv is Mathematically: (cpv - mtv) * mtv = 0 cpv = k * vel So we know: ...
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Circle to Polygon & Circle to Circle Velocity Resolution

One answer is too short to cover all the concepts. So to maybe help you gather your thoughts... This answer will represent the use of 2D vector cross and dot products to extract the two vectors that ...
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Automated playtesting in a 2D platformer

Automated testing of full levels is a difficult topic. As you've noticed, replaying inputs is tricky. Even if you get the timing right and switch to a deterministic physics engine, a small change in ...
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Ways to include relativity in multiplayer

I don't want to throw a lot of detail at you, but the Twin Paradox isn't really a paradox. The effect will not happen in real life (unless we live on a Torus or something) because returning to your ...
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