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There are a few ways to control the amount of blur: Change your kernel size. This is the width of the window you sample from your source texture. The guide you're using samples a 9-pixel window (4 pixels to either side of the center), using 5 texture samples. By adding more texture samples you can make that window wider, for more blur. Or by sampling a ...


Everything is all right with the shader. The issue was in the texture itself, it had too many small details, tried another texture with fewer details and BAM it works as intended. .


Make your albedo 100% black, so that no light reflects from it diffusely. Use maximum roughness to minimize the effect of specular highlights. Or, if your material has a specular multiplier exposed, set that to zero. Place your surface texture into the emissive channel, and try to adjust the intensity value to match the exposure settings used by the camera....


Having 3 sprite renderers in the scene, with a script attached which makes them rotate around the Y axis of each of them, and the Main Camera selected, it is visible in the screenshot below that I changed the Projection property of the Camera component inside the Inspector pane to Perspective (it is written with blue Projection and in the right there is a ...

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