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Cheap 2D fluid simulation at low resolution

I have a 64x64 display and an accelerometer. I want to run a 2D fluid simulation and take a reading from the accelerometer as the gravity vector. I'm going to be doing this on fairly low-end hardware (...
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Wake effect in games and Unity

I was curious about how wake effects are added in video games. Do most games use blender to mimic this effect and is it dynamic or does it have any drawbacks? Has anyone ever tried making it in Unity ...
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Simulate physically-accurate fish swimming in water

I would like to develop a simulation/video-game of some fish swimming in water. This simulation needs to have real time performance and the fish movement should be as physically accurate as possible. ...
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3d Dynamic liquid wobble inside a container in Unity3d

How can I implement dynamic liquid wobble inside a bottle in Unity3D as seen in here? (Yellow liquid inside the spray can at 3:10)
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How to make a dynamic frontline system for my game?

My problem: Basically the units, units meaning soldiers or vehicles, influence the frontline by moving into the opponents territory (See example image). I'm trying to understand where to even start ...
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How to simulate a liquid like "The Cook" or "Bake it"?

I want to make a simple liquid something like these gifs:
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How to make balls (water, or fluid) through pipe

I'm working on a project and get stuck for days. I want to make balls going through the pipe like this game: You can watch this Youtube video for more detail. How can i replicate this game machenis?
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How to make particle based fluid simulator like Algodoo?

I need to create swim mechanism which is interaction between object actuator and water. I've play Algodoo and I can make simple swiming mechine. Which priciple to achieve this? As far as I know it ...
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How can I achieve simulated fluid surface deformation in a bottle?

I'd like to mimic this effect seen in Half Life: Alyx: I can't figure out what is going on here, people say "it is just a shader effect it isn't simulating anything", but I don't think that is true ...
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Making an ice cream or icing effect as shown in GIF below

How can I make an effect like filling a cone with soft serve ice cream, or putting icing on a cake. I want to have the real icing effect shown in the
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Breaking ocean waves simulation

I am working on a project where I have to approximately simulate the ocean waves. Currently, I am using a mesh modification approach. I am able to simulate low amplitude waves using the following ...
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What is "u" and "v" in this Navier Stokes implementation?

reference: ...
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How to Create a Blast of Liquid in Unity

I am making a small cartoon-ish fighting game, and one of the weapons is a Hot Coffee Sprayer, which is a shotgun style weapon. How do I create a thick blast of dark liquid to come from it, with a ...
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Effective & Efficient Way to Simulate a Desert

Introduction I hope that this question isn't too broad, my apologies if it is. Anyway, getting to the point, our video game is set in ancient Egypt and, to nobody's surprise I'm sure, Egypt has a lot ...
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How do I render 2D top-down tiled, directed water flow?

I'm working on a top-down tile-based fairly graphical 2D game inspired by Dwarf Fortress. I'm at the point of implementing a river in the game world, which covers a number of tiles, and I've ...
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How Would I Design Realistic Fluid Handling?

I'm making a game that is like a mix of many other games (Minecraft, Factorio, Don't Starve, Terraria, etc). I want to make pipes and fluid handling like it works in Factorio. I can't seem to find ...
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Simulating air pressure

I am working on a space orientated game, and I have done some research on the best way to simulate gas with traditional physics technologies (Creating a lots of circles) The only obstacle I have is ...
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2D Rain Creation (and Fluid Dynamics)

I am experimenting with weather conditions in a game of mine, and I was impressed by the way Starbound handled the rain. Basically, when rain hits the ground, it's either dispersed horizontally (and ...
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Open Borders in Fluid / Smoke Simulation

I am trying to adopt a fluid / smoke simulation based of the source files of this video to my needs but came across a few problems when trying to make it open at the borders (flows into the void). ...
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Spritekit water flowing [closed]

I'm wondering if there is a way in spritekit to implement water flowing through a path? like this water flow Right now I'm generating the path using UIBezierPath and PaintCode Any suggestion? ...
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How do I procedurally animate a cell eating another cell?

The entities in my game are soft-body, amorphous cells. I'd like to create an animation where enemies are engulfed by the player's cell. That is, I want to generate a "cell eating another cell"-...
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How can I synchronize ocean waves over the network?

I've been performing a little bit of research in my spare time on ways to increase the interactivity of environments in a networked game or simulation. One of my areas of research is fluid-dynamics ...
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How can I render something like the swirling clouds of Jupiter?

The effect should be as similar as possible to this, though it does not need to be at planetary scale. I was thinking that it could be done offline via particles, perhaps by directing their motion ...
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