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Best way to create a 2 player networked game

I've been dabbling in Unity. I learned the basics and I've created a few small games and one larger one. All of them were single player games. Now I want to create a game that's a 2 player - pretty ...
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P2P + Authoritative server for Web based game, how to combine?

I'm working on an online Web RPG game (jRPG) with a map, that characters can go around. Also, an important part, is that each player has his own world and each player can invite his friends to play on ...
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GGPO / peer to peer winstate

How do games using GGPO (or maybe peer to peer in general) like Guilty Gear determine a winner? Just reporting a winner consensus might work with many independent players per lobby, but in e.g. a 1v1 ...
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Can a 2 player mobile game support P2P if a dedicated server is used to establish the network? [duplicate]

The dedicated server would be a lobby where all the players connect and find matches. Once a match is found the server hooks to two players and sends them off on a p2p network. Once the match is over, ...
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With GGPO rollback netcode, how many times might I need to update my game engine in one frame?

I'm working on a game that's going to use GGPO for rollback netcode. I understand the need for a deterministic engine whose state can be saved, restored, advanced from user inputs, etc. I understand ...
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It is possible to process data on relay servers?

I have a small game engine done in Java, and re-creating it on C++. While re-creating it i've decided on adding basic p2p online multiplayer. However, after reading more about networking, there are ...
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Electing a host with WEBRTC

This is similar to Host Migration (P2P) with RTMFP and AS3 I have a webRTC chat room, initially used Twilio and switching to skyway, the situation is that I have a bunch of peers with data broadcast ...
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How to handle MANY enemies in networked P2P game?

Let's suppose a game of 4 players, one is the host. They will fight many enemies, along the lines of 20-40 at the time. Among other things like sending their own state to the other players (position, ...
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RTS game: How to handle disconnects in a fully connected peer to peer architecture?

I'm currently working on a game in which I am considering implementing a networking architecture as described in this article:
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Automated LAN Matchmaking

I'm looking to build an automated LAN matchmaking system for games and wondering if/how it would differ from the online applications (like FaceIt, ESEA) that serve a similar function. Ideally, a user ...
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Could a Peer-To-Peer network architecture be good for my fighting game

I am looking forward to developing a 2D spaceship-fighting, brawler game and I have so many ideas about it. I am going to make a single-player component anyway, but the core of this game would ...
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How can I prevent cheating in a distributed multiplayer game?

A problem I've been thinking about recently is how it might be possible to create a multiplayer game without a centralised game server. Is it possible to distribute "server" responsibilities across ...
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Game search engine in a p2p format

I am currently using Java to develop a multiplayer game engine. However, I am stuck on one thing. Many games (Overwatch, DotA) have automatic game search engines - you click a button and the computer ...
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Game synchronisation in peer-to-peer online multiplayer game

I am developing an online real-time multiplayer game using Google Play Game Service and Cocos2D-X. The game has two players where each player control their own ball....
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How can I detect disconnected clients in a peer-to-peer network of this topology?

I'm working on my first multiplayer game (RTS genre) and for the networking model, I'm leaning more towards a peer-to-peer model as opposed to a client-server model. I want my game to be able to ...
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Host Migration (P2P) with RTMFP and AS3

I was wondering if this is a possibility with RTMFP since it acts like UDP/P2P.. Host Migration Player A starts and host a game.. Player B and C connects.. Player A quits.. Player B is now assigned ...
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How to give each player in card game the same shuffled deck?

I'm writing a card game in Swift. The idea is to make it work on the Apple Game Center framework. I've noticed an issue which I am not sure how to address. I need the current game data to be the ...
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Peer to Peer world download

I am creating a multiplayer JavaScript game with a PHP central server. Each user will be able to move around in a 3D world, with other users and NPCs. It came to my attention that SQL is not going to ...
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iOS game center game is out of sync

I've been building a game center game for iOS and it works great so far. I finally started testing the game and theres (obviously) some latency, which is causing the game to be out of sync. ...
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Synchronisation on a non authoritative networked peer to peer scene

I currently have a piece of coursework that requires 3 or more 3d simulations connected via p2p to maintain a simulation that is visually consistent amoung all peers. A big issue is that I'm not ...
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Should I switch to UDP for a mobile p2p game when considering 3G network?

I have been making a mobile game that is similar to "Street Fighter" where two players play with each other via Internet. The game sends out a small packet (controller status) to the other party ...
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client-server network model for top-down WASD game [closed]

I'm currently working on a multiplayer game with top-down camera view and WASD player control, similar to Bloodline Champions. Projectiles, spawned by players are relatively slow and clearly visible, ...
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How to securely retrieve game stats from clients in a p2p game network?

I'm working on a P2P game and I know I should never trust the clients. I my architecture, there is a "Master Server" that stores game room (host) informations. Players can create their own rooms (...
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How can I get a list of servers hosted by my players?

I'm writing a multiplayer 2D online game, where game servers are hosted by the players. I want to show players a list of the currently hosted game servers. How would I do that? I know how to let ...
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Using peer to peer for prediction in a client-server network model

By implementing peer to peer connections between clients in a client-server network model I should be able to increase the prediction fidelity as this theoretically would provide the client with other ...
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Client-side prediction and interpolation

Although my game uses a peer-to-peer model, I've still taken the approach of assigning each player to be a partial authority. What I mean by this is that each player acts as the "server" for a number ...
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P2P card game: Shuffling without knowing the final order?

So, I am conceptualizing a P2P trading card game. The issue is the network: knowing the identity of a card is giving a major advantage, so both clients need enough information about a card that they ...
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How to sync game tick in peer to peer game?

I am making a 2-player iphone action game using a synchronization service (in this case Firebase). The service allows state syncing through the internet, but I have to execute all game logic on the ...
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Peer-to-peer hostless competitive games of chance? [closed]

I'm wondering - have any games been ever created that are: peer-to-peer without one peer being designated as host competitive (not cooperative, players play against one another) provably fair (there ...
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Best peer-to-peer game architecture

Consider a setup where game clients: have quite small computing resources (mobile devices, smartphones) are all connected to a common router (LAN, hotspot etc) The users want to play a multiplayer ...
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Can adversarial agents flip coins?

I was thinking about peer-to-peer games by considering a simple coin tossing game. You open up your version of P2PCoinFlipping Beta 2.3 and it displays a list of player name servers. After ...
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Peer-to-peer first person shooter

I've been developing a first person shooter/massive multiplayer online roleplaying game for my small business, and was wondering if it would be feasible to use peer-to-peer technology to communicate ...
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Are RTMFP Flash games the new big thing? [closed]

After watching (and playing) HaxBall, I can imagine that RTMFP (or any other real time multiplayer flash based technology) games will be the new big thing, replacing social games (cafeworld, etc). ...
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Game networking topology - dealing with host leaving

I am working on a P2P game in Flash and I'm wondering what network topology would be most robust for dealing with people randomly joining/leaving. I was thinking the first user to join could be the ...
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How can I make a peer-to-peer multiplayer game? [closed]

How can I make a p2p multiplayer game? I would like to have a server-less multiplayer game. But then, how all the clients know each other? Why the p2p-protocol is so famous in file transfer but not ...
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