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Accessibility is the discussion of how to make games easier for people to use who might be impaired in some way. Examples are color blindness, general vision impairment, being hard of hearing, or having less than perfect dexterity.

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What sounds need to be transcripted when using Closed Captions?

I have no experience with captioning, but we are developing a game and we want to make it as accessible as possible so we thought of 2 levels of subtitles: dialogues and Closed Captions (dialogues + ...
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Is my game at risk of fines due to CVAA if I don't support text-to-speech in chat?

Looking at a similar game like Among Us: as far as I know, it only has in text chat as a norm of communication. Shouldn't the game be obligated to have more options for disabilities like text to ...
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What are the accessibility implications of requiring a button press or time-out on a game over screen?

For simple games, is there a de-facto standard that game over screens time out after a few seconds before, or require some sort of input in order to, transition back to the main menu? Time-out pros: ...
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What are the most important accessibility features for games?

We're currently developing a 2D Platformer and we decided to take some time to implement Accessibility Features. But we couldn't find good information about Accessibility Features, muss less how to ...
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Alternative to Google Play when publishing Android game app (.apk)? [closed]

In order to register as a game developer and publisher of the Android app for Google Play Developer account, you must pay around $100. But what if there's a tight budget, especially for indie game ...
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What colors to choose for colorblind people? [duplicate]

I'm creating a game. Color coding is its main gameplay feature. What colors should I choose so the game will be colorblind-friendly? (I need 4 colors)
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How do I simulate color blindness for accessibility testing?

Is there an application I can download (or some configuration of Windows, or something) that will let me see how my game will appear to users with different color-blindnesses? There are already good ...
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How can I use voice commands to control my Windows Phone game?

Is it possible to use simple voice commands like "run right", "run left", "jump", "stop", "attack", "defend", "finish" to control the player in a Windows Phone 8 game? How can I implement voice ...
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What's a good alternative to colored tiles to account for color blindness?

I have a game with tiles. Each tile is a number, and each number is one of six colors. The color is important to the game play, and I want to make the game available to those who are color blind. ...
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Designing for visually impaired gamers

Globally the number of people of all ages visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, of whom 39 million are blind. — World Health Organisation, 2010. (That's 4.2% and 0.6% of the world ...
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Accessibility of games, how is important for you?

I'm blind and I would know if there is someone that consider important the accessibility, from a blind in particular, when develop a new game. I don't speak about an audio game, I'm speaking about a ...
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What to think about when designing a simple GUI for a quiz game

I am coming close to finish my first iPhone game ever, as a matter of fact also my first programming experience ever, which is a quiz game. I have all the functionality i want and is currently ...
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How can I test my game for epilepsy-safety?

I've been developing a game which is rather blinky in terms of color and brightness contrasts. It's an iPhone game, so the screen will be quite small, but I've heard about Wipeout XL failing the ...
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What is the best way to avoid colorblind issues?

About 5-10% of males have some form of colorblindness. What's the best way to ensure you are not turning away 5-10% of your male population from your game? Just to note colorblindness does not mean ...
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