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How to equalize volumes of lines by different voice actors using different setups?

I have 500 voice lines as .wav files, coming from 20 different voice actors who spoke each in their home studios with different voice volume. In the game, the different volume of each line comes ...
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How can I come up with unintelligible spoken speech like what can be heard in The Sims?

When I search for "Voice Samples" and "Unintelligible Voice Samples" I can only find vocals of singers or just background noise of people talking at the distance, like a crowded ...
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Dialogue trees voiceover

I am planning to get my game dialogue trees voiced. Something like this: However I am not sure how can I hand in the dialogue scripts in any understandable format for both me and the voice actor. The ...
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How can I accommodate custom pronouns in voice acting?

I am currently developing an RPG in which, during character creation, players may choose their pronouns as he/him/his, she/her/hers, or a custom entry based on their own text input. Whenever ...
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Is my game at risk of fines due to CVAA if I don't support text-to-speech in chat?

Looking at a similar game like Among Us: as far as I know, it only has in text chat as a norm of communication. Shouldn't the game be obligated to have more options for disabilities like text to ...
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How to get consecutive voice clips to sound natural

In the game I'm working on I have to play several short consecutive voice-clips to form a complete sentence. Example (each [] bracket is a different voice clip): [Bob here,] [we're at] [some town] [...
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Unity Game with Voice Chat

Have been working on a Poker game, it is network based and instead of launching game instance on server. I have managed everything via www class and on server created PHP API. Now PHP is taking care ...
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How to Send Voice over Unity Networking - UNET

I am able to Record and Run Audio from my Microphone using this code snippet: ...
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Using XAudio2 to Process Microphone Input

I am trying to come up with a solution to process microphone input for a game. Not entirely sure where to start. I was looking into using XAudio2, but it doesn't seem to have support for microphone ...
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Why are so many games not fully voiced?

I'm wondering why so many MMOs are only partially voiced? I asked makers of games (Thimbleweed Park, in their Q&A) how expensive voiceover is, and they said it wasn't especially expensive unless ...
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How could I make the character sound beeps like in old school games?

I've been searching around, but I haven't found any resource on how I could achieve this, like those old school character beeps. I want to have my characters talk with beeps like in Undertale, or ...
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Want to create live-voice chat between players either in unity or unreal engine [closed]

I would like to create a real-time voice chat in either in unreal or unity between the players.I would like to associate and apply this voice-chat depend on username. I am saying "or" for the ...
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How can I use the Kinect as a microphone in Linux?

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and the Kinect camera has type Microsoft_Xbox_NUI_Sensor_043367545147-02-Sensor. I can access the Kinect's camera from a Linux program ...
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Voice over programming language [closed]

I am looking for a voice over programming language. Instead of using people for voice over, I want to use a computer, which does voice over for different people. Is this type of thing possible, or is ...
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Where do I start if I want to make music and audio for video games? [closed]

I am a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, as well as a video game lover. I have some basis in informatics but I have spent 1000x the time on music in comparison with programming. I came to think that ...
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How do I convince my team to use less VO? [closed]

I am a firm believer in using voice over (VO) only for necessary elements such as game narrative, and here and there to drive game play (e.g. instructions coming in over intercom, that sort of stuff). ...
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Voice recognition libraries - C++ [closed]

I need to implement voice recognition in my game, the target is that the user speaks into the microphone and the game responds accordingly to some commands. What libraries could help me with such ...
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Voice artist for a game for kids [closed]

We're making a game for kids which should include about 50 spoken phrases. I'm asking for help in finding the right voice artist / studio for this. I've tried searching the web but couldn't find ...'s user avatar
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Voice Commands Using Microphone [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Voice input in games beyond voip chat I recently made a game where you say something into the microphone, and the computer repeats it, but I was wondering how to make voice ...
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Where can I find/download a decent, free voice synthesizer? [closed]

I've been looking all over the net, and I've found some voice synthesizers, but they either don't work, aren't free, or just have 5 or so voices to choose from... I need to get a synthesizer with ...
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What are developers using for voice chat on Windows? [closed]

On Xbox360 XHV2 is used for dealing with voice data, and XAudio2 is used for the low-level processing of that data. What is the XHV2 equivalent under Windows, assuming FMOD is used for the low-level ...
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Speech synthesis book? [closed]

When I was a kid, everything had a speech synthesizer in it, more or less. A couple years back I started to wonder where the technology is going after all these years, and after some research found ...
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Recorded Voice or Synthesized Speech?

I'm interested in adding to my game either recorded human or synthesized speech. I'm interested in what game devs have to say regarding the value of recorded human voice over voice synthesis. Thanks ...
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Can you record raw sound data in XNA?

XNA 4 includes the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.Microphone class which can seemingly read the raw sound data off the microphone via its API as documented: GetData - Gets the latest recorded data ...
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Voice input in games beyond voip chat

Is there any cross platform libraries available for handling input from a microphone? I am thinking beyond voice chat to noise / voice recognition. I am putting together a plan for a role playing ...
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Are there any clever methods of regulating bandwidth usage for voice chat payload packets?

For example, suppose my code can determine that upstream bandwidth is unusually limited. And suppose I'm using a fully-connected mesh topology combined with a UDP-like protocol for voice chat. Is ...
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