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Answer I figured it out: there's absolutely nothing wrong with changing the direction of your rigidbody's velocity. The problem was using transform.up to rotate the game object itself. I replaced that with rb.MoveRotation(rb.rotation + angle) and it's buttery smooth now. Takeaway In general, if there's anything I've learned from this project, it's that ...


In the updatescore method you simply ask, whether isGameActive is true or not.


In a case like this you would either want to make that a public GameManager gameManager or add a [SerializeField]above the variable and simply drag it to the slot to set it. If you would like to keep it private you could either use a Gameobject.Find(); or something like FindObjectOfType() to set that manager in Start() After assigning your manager when ...


I made a custom toolbar. I uploaded it in my github

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