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Unity/URP global volume with volume mask still applies effects to all layers

This is not what volume masks are for. The volume mask decides which post-processing volumes affect the camera while the camera game object itself is in it. This is actually a common misconception ...
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2 votes

In Unity if you use Destroy on a GameObject and then immediately change the GameObject value, which GameObject gets destroyed?

I went ahead and set this up and tested it myself to confirm, and figured I'd post the question in case anyone else was wondering the same. The answer is that the sphere gets destroyed. The thing ...
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2 votes

Call to Random.Range() is breaking my prefab instantiation

One of the issues with the code is the call to Random.Range(0, 1) - this is always going to return zero, as you're calling the integer overload of the method: ...
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1 vote

How do you make the camera not "Shake" when used with a rigidbody for 3D in Unity?

The rule when moving an object with a physics rigidbody is "never write to the transform". You want the movement controlled 100% by the physics engine. If you mix moving it with the body and ...
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Collision matrix is set to have no interaction between layers, but collider still triggers

You're in the Physics section of the Project Settings but you're using Physics 2D. You need to edit the matrix in the Physics 2D section.
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