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given the tileset I have, is this the most efficient way to obtain what I needed? Yes, stacking multiple layers of tilemaps is a tried-and-true method which is being used since the 16bit age. But since they are on two different tilemaps I cannot use a composite collider to optimize the collider's layout. That's incorrect. You can merge the ...


The issue most likely has to do with the skin & bone animation. The polygon collider will not update itself every frame while the sprite is animating. Your best option would be to use a simple collider instead, but if you really need it to be very accurate, you'll need the colliders to be placed on the objects and updated as they rotate/move around.


Try setting velocity of the object with set_linear_velocity(vel) on rigidbody, in that case object mass doesn't matter (unless you have strangely configured engine settings).

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