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You can use the official Unity Recorder asset. The latest Unity Recorder is available in Preview via the Package Manager from Unity 2018.3+, the asset store version is no longer being updated actively I believe.


You know what? I will be generous. Here is a a script made by unity that pretty much does this for you. Enjoy. using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; namespace UnityEngine.Rendering { [HelpURL(Documentation.baseURL + Documentation.version + Documentation.subURL + "Free-Camera" + Documentation.endURL)] [ExecuteAlways] public class ...


Cameras are very sensible to anything that does not move them perfectly smoothly. The camera should be updated in an Update or LateUpdate. One way to handle cameras is to adjust variables in a FixedUpdate, and to move the camera in the (Late)Update based on the given variables. Moving the player in a FixedUpdate with the camera being parented to will cause ...


Select an object you want to center your view on and press the F key to snap your scene view camera to that object, zoomed to fit it in view. "Frame Selected" is the name of this shortcut.


I have found the answer here. Although it is not completely explained mathematically in my opinion, it works well. The code I use is like this: private void Start() { // ... PositionCamera(); } /// <summary> /// Source: https://forum.unity.com/threads/dynamic-loaded-object-fit-to-screen-size.349794/ /// </summary> void PositionCamera()...


There are plenty of tutorials about infinite procedural generation. Usually they all have the behaviour of cleaning up objects that are left behind the player, and creating objects in front of the player when required. It can be done in multiple ways. If you just want to know if the object is off screen or not, this question may help: Identify whether ...

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