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Adding 1 million torque to a normal cube won't make it rotate extremely fast?

By default, Unity Rigidbodies have a maximum angular velocity to avoid numerical instability. You can adjust this with Rigidbody.maxAngularVelocity.
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Rigidbody Simulated vs Static vs none

The main difference between a "Body Type: Static" and a "not simulated" Rigidbody2D is that a "Body Type: Static" Rigidbody2D still blocks the movement of other 2D ...
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How to implement proportional guidance in 2D

I managed to figure out why my code wasn't working. I had another look at the math in the example I mentioned in my question. Because my initial attempt at the example did not work I consulted another ...
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Do server reconciliation and rollback refer to the same thing in multiplayer game networking?

I'm not a game networking expert myself, so take this with a grain of salt. The way I've heard the terms used, "reconciliation" refers to the task, and "rollback" is one particular ...
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