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Why is reinforcement learning not widely adopted as an AI tool for agents in well-known games?

Reinforcement learning has shown remarkable success in game-playing agents, as seen in the achievements of AlphaGo and OpenAI's Dota 2 AI. There are a few tools, such as Unity ML Agents, to integrate ...
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How to train a reinforcement learning algorithm in Unreal?

I know I can use ONNX plugins to use pretrained Deep Learning models in Unreal Engine 5, like style transfer, object detection, etc. I want to build a basic reinforcement learning project and would be ...
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How to use TensorFlow in Unity

I am trying to implement a deep reinforcement learning IA with TensorFlow for a checker game in Unity. How can I do this? I've searched for it on Google and found a lot of videos and tutorials on how ...
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Machine learning to improve strategy game AI

I am currently working on a simple strategy game as a hobby and I am starting to think about designing an AI to add opponents in the game. The idea behind the game is that you are a space explorer and ...
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Choosing AI strategy

How would I choose to design an AI that would know the rules of the game, however not know the game world before hand? Given fx. a Sokoban game, I could teach it using Reinforcement Learning to play ...
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How/where can i learn everything unity2d [closed]

I just learnt unity basics and would like to learn everything else related to 2d development beginner to advanced in less time. Because i dont want to stick to game business/development for a long ...
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Is reinforcement learning overkill for a vehicle steering bot?

I'm slightly familiar with the reinforcement learning (through this MOOC). Also I'm aware of reactive planning technique. I want to write a vehicle bot for a racing game, where cars have to ...
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Neural Net Controlled Car

I'm trying to make an AI car controlled by a neural net. I saw this two videos: Neural Network Demo and Q Learning and neural network in 2D car driving and I want to replicate that. I already have ...
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How can I ensure the player learns all skills in a single open level?

I am making a game that only has a single level. It is a survival game. If there were multiple levels, I can have the player learn new skills gradually. For example, level one requires jumping, level ...
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(XNA) Possible to hide, compress, or rename .XNB files?

I'm fairly new to XNA (only a week into C# and XNA at this point) but I have been developing games for a while now, and the program I used did not require any/many external files in creating an ...
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Tic Tac Toe, Reinforced Learning and Hash Tables - Don't understand how to create a game

For my data structures course, we were asked to create Tic Tac Toe(3x3)that: 1) Has two player - dumb and smart(computer plays both sides) 2) Dumb player - "X" , always makes first move, and all of ...
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Suggestion for C++ reinforcement learning library to control flocking algorithm

I am looking to use reinforcement learning to adaptively modify the weights involved in a flocking algorithm (i.e. 'boids'). Searching google revealed several libraries, but I don't know anything ...
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