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Casting out vision rays for 2D car in pyglet to return distance from objects?

I am working on a machine learning project that involves training a 2D car to drive around a top-down racing track. I'll be training neural networks using different algorithms and one essential form ...
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Tracking a target using ML agents

I'm studying ML Agents in Unity and I'm looking at this example from the official Unity repository. How does the agent get information about the position of the food on the map? The food is spawned at ...
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How can I record a demonstration to use with Proximal Policy Optimization?

I have a fuzzy logic controller for my race car that works fairly well. I want to use a recording of this as a demonstration for the PPO (Proximal Policy Optimization) algorithm from ML Agents for the ...
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How to train a reinforcement learning algorithm in Unreal?

I know I can use ONNX plugins to use pretrained Deep Learning models in Unreal Engine 5, like style transfer, object detection, etc. I want to build a basic reinforcement learning project and would be ...
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Find bone-system given a mesh

Animation newbie here. Usually, how do people call the process of finding the bone-based system corresponding to given mesh? I'm looking for machine-learning-based solutions that could improve the ...
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