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Questions tagged [bot]

Bots are computer programs or scripts used to automate tasks or simulate the behavior of a human.

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commend a player in Counter-Strike 2 programmatically

I'm trying to Automate a Task which involves commending a player in a specific server (unofficial custom server), I looked into several open source project but all of them are deprecated and archived ...
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4 answers

AI for auction bids in the Monopoly game

I'm currently creating a Monopoly game simulator in C++. I am currently struggling with implementing the auction mechanic for AI players. How could I implement the bots' participation in auctions? How ...
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How to build path to cover for bot if cover moves while player moves?

I'm changing cover positions depending of player position (to keep obstacle between player and cover point). But when my bot using pathfinding algorithms to build path to that cover, he will spend ...
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2 answers

Player is not looking at correct direction

My Enemy/Bot is facing the wrong direction as shown in the attached screenshot 1. Basically what I want is that Enemy/Bot gun should directly face the player, not enemy/Bot himself. Note: White line ...
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Unity Bot AI behaviour

I'm working in Unity3d 2019.2.0f1 and I'm trying to make a chasing bot that follows a certain GameObject with the "Player" tag. I'm not yet attempting a field of ...
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How to develop a bot for a(n) (arbitrary) FPS game without a game API?

I've been interested in artificial intelligence in computer games for a long time. The question that I have been asking for a long time and to which I have not yet found an answer is the following: ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Is it NOT feasible to create a web-based game which provides cash prizes due to bots?

Say you want to build an online web-based game of (say) Hangman where the person who continues to win eventually wins a cash prize. The more players that enter the game the more the eventual winner ...
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1 vote
0 answers

"Solve" a game algorithmically -- creating bots (and making them smart) [closed]

EDIT : at first I gave a lot of context for this question, explaining why I wanted to create a bot. I'm sorry it distracted people from my "actual" question. My question is pretty simple : how does ...
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0 answers

Efficient way of training a chabot AI

I am currently working on a chatbot game using Python 2.7.10. I use the Chatterbot library. This library seems to do all I need but the training data (or corpora) are very very limited. I haven't ...
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2 answers

Chatbot AI game

I was looking into getting started with AI and machine learning. As an excuse I wanted to try and make a chatbot centred game. The idea would be to have the player stuck with a chatbot and only be ...
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1 answer

Is reinforcement learning overkill for a vehicle steering bot?

I'm slightly familiar with the reinforcement learning (through this MOOC). Also I'm aware of reactive planning technique. I want to write a vehicle bot for a racing game, where cars have to ...
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52 votes
5 answers

How do game bots perceive the game world & other entities?

This question has been on my mind for a while...mainly because I see bots for all sorts of games like WoW and others. My question is; how do the bots know what is appearing on the screen? I don't play ...
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51 votes
10 answers

How to detect and prevent abuse (botting) of online game API?

I have been ocassionally working on a game idea in my free time. The gameplay and content renders it to be implemented as a online multiplayer game built with well established web technologies. You ...
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4 answers

To what extent are video game bots & NPCs “artificial intelligence”? [closed]

Wikipedia says: In video games, this usually means a character controlled by the computer through artificial intelligence. ~ In video games, ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Game AI. Behavior Trees struggles

I'm writing a bot for a MOBA game as final project. Game status is read directly from the screen (that's the requirement). Now I have come to the AI part. On the first steps it started as some basic ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Tournament ranking for card game bot fights - how to try new bot against existing ranking?

Let's say we run a tournament for 10 bots playing 1-1 fights in card game with significant randomness influence. To measure bot skills level we run round-robin with 10k matches per each pair. Ranking ...
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How can I obtain in-game data from Warcraft 3 from an external process?

I am implementing a behavior algorithm and would like to test it with my lovely Warcraft III game to watch how it will fight against real players. The problem I'm having is that I don't know how to ...
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Quake 3 Bot Programming Example [duplicate]

I would like to implement an intelligent bot for Quake-3. I downloaded the and built the code successfully under Linux. My problem is that I couldn't find any complete tutorial telling me how to build ...
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3 answers

What makes it hard to protect from hacks/bots in BF3 and Quake Live?

After playing these games, asking other players/admins, and reading online I am led to believe that Quake Live and Battlefield 3 are frequented by bots and there are plenty of hacks of various kinds. ...
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4 answers

Persistent game where you program your own bot(s) [closed]

I'm looking for an online game with a persistent world where you are allowed to code (and add) your own 'players' (it can be in any language / script). A sort of RTS but for bots. Does that even ...
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2 answers

How to write AI bots that can autoplay a shoot 'em up game?

In a shoot 'em up game I want to have AI bots that can take up the player's slot and play the game (such as in this video). However they should come with different flavors (varying competency and ...
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2 answers

encircling and counting number of objects in a grid

There is a square grid in which there are empty and filled blocks. A number of contiguous blocks form an object. My bot can find out the status of it's neighbouring 8 blocks (whether they are filled ...
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4 answers

Open Source AI Bot interfaces [closed]

What are some open source AI Bot interfaces? Similar to Pogamut 3 GameBots2004 for custom Unreal Tournament bots or Brood Wars API for Starcraft bots etc. If you could please post one AI bot ...