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MonoGame SetRenderTarget is wiping the backbuffer

I'm going to post this answer as an adaptation from @James Carlyle-Clarke's comment. Because the code formatting in an answer makes it easier to understand. It has also been modified to make it ...
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Unity - Trying to copy the render texture for the scene rendered by a camera but it is blank?

// Set the render target commandBuffer.SetRenderTarget(debugRT); Here you're setting your current render target tl be the debug RenderTexture. ...
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Unity - Trying to copy the render texture for the scene rendered by a camera but it is blank?

Try to remove all calls in OnRenderObject except commandBuffer.Blit(BuiltinRenderTextureType.CurrentActive, debugRT); And I ...
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DirectX Performance Issue: Rendering to texture

The answer to the first part is easy, R32G32B32A32_FLOAT is a massively expensive format to use for GPUs. It uses 128 bits per pixel compared to R8G8B8A8_UNORM which uses only 32. So by changing it ...
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Is drawing an entire game to a render target and then scaling it up a viable solution to a pixel-mismatching problem?

Note that you can supply the SpriteBatch.Begin with a matrix parameter. Use your ingame "virtual screen" dimensions to calculate the scale factor. This way you ...
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MonoGame renders texture in an almost compressed looking way

It looks like the issue is that you are doing non uniform scaling (different scale on x and y axis) and using nearest neighbour texture sampling. If you switch to using uniform scaling and/or ...
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Apply bloom effect to RenderTarget without affecting UI

I've figured it out thanks to the Monogame community discord. For anyone who will come across this issue - What I did in the end is render the "bloomed scene" to the main render target of ...
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