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What is a "normal" in game development

Direct Answer I see that other answer going into technical details, but I don't know if that hits the spot for answering "What are even normals" - so here's a plain English answer for ...
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What is a "normal" in game development

In the context of geometry, a normal is a vector that is oriented perpendicular to a given object. It is commonly used for lighting calculations, but it can also be used to for calculating visibility, ...
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Increased CPU usage when rendering sprites

Without refactoring the code the first thing would be to avoid repeatedly setting uniforms that don't change such as: ...
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Is OpenGL 2.0 possible in unity?

According to this post on Unity Forums website, OpenGL 2 support was dropped since Unity 5.5: ...since Unity 5.5, OpenGL core profile 3.2 is the minimum supported version. And OpenGL ES 2 support ...
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Skybox not texturing

There were two mistakes I made which led to my skybox not texturing properly: Init function was never called.... I'm sorry ...
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