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The hiring of third-party developers or organizations to handle certain parts of a game's development.

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As a client, trying to get a coder/programmer to develop my ideas into a functioning program, what should I be providing to my developer(s)?

I am the director of a start-up game development group (I say "group" because it is not yet an official company). I have recently gained the willingness of a few coders who are willing to help me with ...
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3 answers

Exclusive ownership of game artwork

I'd like to pay an artist to create art assets for my game. Is it common for the client (myself in this case) to exclusively own all the artwork that I pay the artist to create and deliver? How can ...
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Outsourcing iPhone Game Development [closed]

I'm looking for good sources to outsource virtually every aspect of an iPhone game: Writing Graphics Programming I have a good amount of programming experience so putting everything together should ...
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Public Relations for Game Developers [closed]

What is the most important thing to know about PR for indie developers? I'm considering spending some time learning about PR in general, but it seems that the indie field is quite different than ...
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Popular genres in Asian (non-Japanese) markets?

From time-to-time I've wondered what kind of games are popular in Asia (India, China, Korea, Singapore, etc...). I hear about developers in the US and UK who outsource work there, but what goes into ...
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Outsourcing Artwork: Hourly or Per-Project?

I've hired people to produce art and graphics before, but only ever at a per-job rate and that has worked out well. This question is for both artists and the people who hire them: As a buyer, are ...
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Who owns content which creation was outsourced?

What license or contract type is normally used by independent developers, when outsourcing game resources like graphics or sounds? Is there something like a template floating around? How much ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to decide the budget as independent game developer?

I'm currently try to make a business plan and was just wondering, how you guys decide the budget for outsourcing tasks. Is there a kind of a reference point? Or does the client decide this mostly by ...
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Should independent game developers outsource? [closed]

Simple question: What are the pros and cons, as well as overall opinions, of outsourcing work as an independent game developer? (For example: paying an artist to draw characters, or a composer to ...
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