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How to revert to MonoDevelop's old "ctrl-tab" behavior? [closed]

I believe MonoDevelop (bundled with Unity3D) has changed its ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab behavior and I would like to get back ...
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How should I organize my Unity scene graph?

In programming, we have coding conventions — self-enforced rules to help maintain order. Does such a convention or consensus exist on how to lay out scenes in Unity? I've seen two styles of ...
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Is there any way to make animations using physical dolls?

I've had trouble animating characters using 3D applications. It is too slow and difficult. I've programmed my own 3D animator that uses only the keyboard to change key angles. The results are much ...
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Neverending game development: how do I finish my game? [closed]

I have started developing my first iPhone game with Cocos2D in May 2012 after quitting my job as Bioinformatician in an important research center. Before quitting I spent six months studying some ...
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How can I speed up Unity3D Substance texture generation?

I'm working on an iOS/Android project in Unity3D. We're seeing some incredibly long times for generating substances between testing runs. We can run the game, but once we shut down the playback, Unity ...
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Can one build a game based on something that already exists and make money off of it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it legally possible to make a clone of the game? I was planning on producing a game but then I had to stall. I have an idea to make a game, but its very similar to a game ...
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How to Make Games Faster (Without Sacrificing Quality) [closed]

I posted a similar question on the Programmers SE site. Please read it. I want to know what specific things I can do to help me create games faster. Already, in addition to whatever I wrote there, I ...
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Do "Results-Oriented Work Environments" work?

A game development company seems like an ideal testbed for experimenting with new or uncommon models for work environments. I'm curious if there's anyone out there successfully doing something ...
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Wave is being discontinued! Other good remote collaboration tools? [closed]

The news just came across the Google blog that Wave is going to go away in the not too distant future. Clicky for the story. This is a real shame for my team who has been making heavy use of Wave as a ...
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Should independent game developers outsource? [closed]

Simple question: What are the pros and cons, as well as overall opinions, of outsourcing work as an independent game developer? (For example: paying an artist to draw characters, or a composer to ...
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What things should an indie game developer never do?

What are some of the biggest - and better yet: insidious and unexpected - mistakes that indie game developers make? Especially when making the transition from hobbyist to full-time indie?