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What are all the special naming conventions that Unity considers in the asset importer?

Scanning through some Unity documentation, it's apparent that the Unity Asset Importing workflow has some built-in special behaviors that are triggered by asset naming conventions. For instance, with ...
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Linking components to local in-project documentation

Unity 2020.3.31f1, Windows 10. Is it possible to use local documentation, e.g. HTML files in the Assets folder of a project, as the Help URL for a component? If so, what path should I put in the ...
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What kind of information is important to share in the of an Open Source game?

I want to write a very small and amateur game for toddlers and I want to make it open source. I'm trying to figure out what I need to put in the A general approach could be: Building a ...
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Modeling the logical structure of a game

I have been working on a game for a while and have encountered a problem stated below. I have been reading Sandi Metz's book on OOP (the Ruby one) and it made me wonder whether there is a way to ...
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How to document processes and concepts for a game?

For the sake of generating a documentation and having a reference for my self, I want to formalize some concepts, behaviors and processes in a proper way. For example: My game has a game server. This ...
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How does the VisibilityEnabler work?

I'm confused about the use of the Visibility enabler node in Godot. I've read the documentation and tried it out both stand-alone and as a child without success. I set the parent to print a ...
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As a client, trying to get a coder/programmer to develop my ideas into a functioning program, what should I be providing to my developer(s)?

I am the director of a start-up game development group (I say "group" because it is not yet an official company). I have recently gained the willingness of a few coders who are willing to help me with ...
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Using C# summary documentation as tooltip in Unity

In unity, I often end up with duplicating the tags for code documentation, and the [tooltip] tags for the Unity Inspector. Is there a way to automatically extract tags into Unity [tooltip]s, or ...
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Art Style Guide - External Image Sources?

I've been looking into how to structure an art style guide (ASG); it's a document which helps guide artists how a project's visuals should look. They often have sketches and illustrations from artists ...
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Is CryEngine documentation compatible with Amazon Lumberyard?

We are considering using it instead of UE4, and we're curious if the Cryengine docs could be used to help with developing in Lumberyard. I imagine they'd have diverged a bit by this point since Amazon ...
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Finite State Machine for player states

I have a state machine for a game I am developing. The player can be in four states, depending on button clicks, and some game elements (being in thin air, or standing on the ground). I am just ...
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OpenGL binding and relations among entities

This is mostly a documentation question. I hope this is the proper place to ask and not, for example, programmers or stackoverflow. I did not read the OpenGL specification, but from books (Red Book) ...
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How to use phaser documention? [closed]

im new to game development and i began with phaser which seems to be a great framework but i can't understand it's documention very well. Lets talk about phaser groups docs examples How you ...
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Google Play Billing

Do Google Play Game Service charge for request/time? Like, they have something like 1000000 reg/day is free and will charge the developer for anything more than that. What is Google Play's ...
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Can I rely on SoundEffects being stopped when unloaded?

I am using XNA's SoundEffect class to play sounds. I have to unload all sounds from the corresponding ...
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Does game development have its own types of modeling?

In general computer science there are modeling "languages" (read: standardized diagramming techniques) such as UML 1,2, in databases there are things like ERD3, in business there are other types such ...
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Where is MonoGame's API reference?

I wanted to pick up Monogame, but I can't find documentation. All I see on GitHub is some tutorials. I'm looking for class reference like this from XNA.
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What are some effective methods of documenting packet protocols?

I'm working with a few developers on a hobby project and we have a lot of different APIs. What are some popular methods of creating documentation on the potential requests, and what can be expected to ...
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How to write a good functional spec for a game? [closed]

I am basically (shamelessly) copying a question that has appeared on SO few years ago. The answers are good, but I would like to get more on this topic, so I'm trying a more specialized subreddit ...'s user avatar
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Game development: Pre-production stage

I´m starting up a new project. It´s going to be a web browser game, developed using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. I have some general questions regarding the process of game developing. Should you ...
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Is there documentation on XNA other than at MSDN?

MSDN documentation of XNA seems to be incomplete and/or bad. Is there another resource available? And by documentation I mean of the library/framework itself, similar to what UNITY, SFML, or SDL all ...
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Nvidia Cg 3.0 Manual/Documentation?

I can only find a user's manual for Cg 1.4 from Sept 2005, and the Cg Tutorial from earlier than that. Cg is now on version 3 and I'm wondering about all the new profiles and tech that must be in it......
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GamePlay Patent

Do you know any patents of GamePlay model? I mean behavior between User as Player and the System? In another words Patent of GamePlay rules. For example "when player's character dies -> the system ...
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Sources (other than tutorials) on Game Mechanics

But, I'm not quite sure where I should start from here. I know I have to go and grab an engine to use with some prebuilt libraries, and then from there learn how to actually code a game, etc. All I ...
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