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How to preserve topology for penetration correction?

I have a sorted list of blocks - some may overlap some may not. Each block has an ideal starting position and may be constrained to one axis. There are no velocity or acceleration or other forces ...
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Is there a good guide on terrain topography creating?

I want to create a map for my level, and to make it look realistic from topographical pont of view. Is there anything that you can recommend? Edit: I want to create a 3D map of islands, sea, ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Reduce the number of edges of a graph, keeping it connected

I'm designing a game with random generated dungeons. I'd like to view this as a connected, undirected graph in which nodes are rooms and edges are doors or corridors. Then I choose a "side" node as ...
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Elevation model for hexagonal game grids

TL;DR: Where should elevation be anchored on a civ-style hexagonal grid? Center, side or vertex? (Or more complex?) Question proper: Consider for a moment a classic game we all know and love (maybe?...
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