I want to create a map for my level, and to make it look realistic from topographical pont of view. Is there anything that you can recommend?

Edit: I want to create a 3D map of islands, sea, volcanoes, shores, that will look natural.
Suppose that I want to write the map generator by myself.
Are there any resources on natural land topography?
Examples :

  • The sea level should be the same anywhere.
  • Sand should be near the shore.
  • There is no way that there will be a huge mountain in the middle of the shore
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The best resource I've ever read on this subject is the following article written by Amit Patel:


Here's a 2D picture of this technique:

enter image description here

And a 3D version of it:

enter image description here

I think the results are stunning. You can also try a demo here. All credit goes to Amit of course.


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