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How should a circuit or power system (like redstone in Minecraft) be implemented

I want to implement a power-system like the redstone system in minecraft. I have n power sources and m cables. If I disconnect the power source or a cable the circuit should turn off. How do I avoid ...
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How should I store edge weights for my A* graph?

I am working on A* pathfinding in Unity, using C#. I am implementing Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm. I have a Dictionary with nodes as keys and corresponding ...
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Vary speed of enemy smoothly

Hey. I'm trying to create an enemy that travels at a speed s on screen but I'm having trouble with trying to make the speed vary in a smooth motion. Basically, I ...
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How to apply numerical integration on a graph layout

I've done some basic 1 D integration, but i can't wrap my head around things and apply it to my graph layout. So, consider the picture below: if i drag the red node to the right, i'm forcing his ...
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Reduce the number of edges of a graph, keeping it connected

I'm designing a game with random generated dungeons. I'd like to view this as a connected, undirected graph in which nodes are rooms and edges are doors or corridors. Then I choose a "side" node as ...
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In what instances would you want to use path-finding algorithms other than A*?

I am familiar with how the common ones technically work (BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, A*) but as far as their realistic benefits I don't quite see the need for them. Considering that, given the right ...
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