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Know any 3D game makers that work on chromebooks? [closed]

Ok so I make flash games using a website named, and it used to be a downloadable program in 2013. They have had 3 major updates to the site since 2013. Understand that this site is for ...
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How to create UI for 2D games? [closed]

I'm working on a game using Haxe + Flambe but I'm having a hard time making the UI part of it (main screen, level selection, etc). And I began to think... is there another way? I would love to have ...
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AS3 Air - Custom slider - limit drag position

I'm facing issues with finding the right solution for detecting and limiting the Sprite object "Knob" moved on y axis inside it's parent sprite "Frame", using FlashDevelop 5. Using ...
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AC3 FlashPunk Console doesn't show anything

I am making my project using flashpunk , I knew that it has a good console gui to give feed about states of the game , however when I tried making it appear with the FP.console.enable() method it ...
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Modify game using external file

In Flash, for example, I can place an xml file along with the binary, then if I modify some variable the game will change for everyone. How to achieve something like that in Android? I know that for ...
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How was the Castle Crashers game for X-box made? [closed]

The graphics and animations for Castle Crashers were definitely made with Adobe Flash. But as far as I know X-box doesn't directly support Flash and Adobe Air technology. I love flash for 2D game ...
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Orbiting multiple objects evenly around a changing radius

I have multiple objects (circles) and I want to place them in a circle, with even distance between each one, and have them orbit the center of the screen. If I remove one object, I want the orbit ...
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Create and use a Button class on AS3.0

I am currently working on a game and it is all going well. On the shop screen there are several buttons that affect the player's stats for when the player restarts the game. The button's names (with ...
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Flash/Flex/Air and iOS

I'm just a little confused with all of the news recently regarding the cancellation of mobile flash, so was hoping for a little help. I've had a search through and can't find the answers to these ...
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How do I declare the variable "i" and "remove" in actionscript3? [closed]

public function remove(u:Unit) { for (var i = 0; i < size; ++i) } The errors are: ...
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How to enable GPU for flash player 11?

I just install Flash Player 11 and SDK 4.5 (hero), and test it with a small program. But I find it is still using "software" to simulate 3D API, and ...
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In Box2dFlash my b2body gets detached from my Sprite after I use setXForm()

I have a scenario where I have red coin in a Carrom board game which should be moved outside of the visible window when it is pocketed, also if any coin either white or black is not pocketed in the ...
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