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Exposing Unreal DataAsset in plugin config

I would like to expose some DataAsset in the configuration of my plugin. If I wanted some integer, this would work well: ...
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How can I map controls of an existing Unity application, when no UI is provided?

I have an Unity application, that someone made for me in the past. It is provided as single binary file for Linux in this case. It features a very simple "launcher" which let me select the ...
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3 answers

Should game data be encoded in configuration files, given that it will almost always contain logic?

Question inspired by the accepted answer to another question: Wondering if there is a more efficient way to store level data in my game? The answer, by @Evorlor, says: You should have the data for ...
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How do I implement Minecraft Forge Config GUI (1.8.x)

So I have recently been working on a minecraft 1.8.9 forge mod, just to play around and see what there is (eventually I am planning on making a utilities mod with versions for 1.8-1.19, which is why I'...
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How to fit game to screen size?

I create a WebGL game. After building project I discovered that the game doesn't fit the screen size How you can see the canvas is perfectly scaled but the game didn't I don't know what I changed but ...
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Is it still possible to set default script template for Unity Mac?

I want to setup/update the default template(s) for C# scripts in my games. According to the docs on Mac I ...
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Viewport controls in UE5 - can you lock the Z axis?

I recently got into UE5 after using Unity some years ago - I am a bit surprised about the shooter-like controls in the level editor, as most of the time I will want to pan across the level (X/Y axes) ...
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Old Unity exe : is there any command line argument that skips the configuration window?

Remember this configuration window from older versions of Unity? Is there some way I can run the exe that skips this and goes straight to the game? ps. my use case is that I am writing a Windows ...
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Issue in launching game in Amazon store

I developed a 2D game in Unity3D for Android. I tried to Release the game in the Play store and Amazon app store. In the Play Store, it's working fine. When comes to the Amazon store the game is not ...
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How to pre-configure a prefab in the editor for multiple similar buttons before instantiating them

Let me explain my problem with my concrete example. I have a button prefab. A button prefab has a lot of configurations: background color, background shape, background image, text, text color, button ...
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Dynamic game configuration

I am not sure how that systems type called, so I try to describe what we want and it will be great if someone can advise… We have online game with client/server architecture. The game has some ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Load Unity game launch options from file

I have a need to disable the resolution dialogue when the game launches, but have a config file that will have all of the dialogue options (resolution, quality, monitor (monitor is most important, ...
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0 votes
2 answers

The best way to store and protect game data [duplicate]

I'm writing a sandbox-type game and i'm looking for a good way to store game data. I tryed Lua and plain text files, but the have a big minus - player can edit them his self! So how do I protect data ...
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25 votes
3 answers

For a custom game engines, what should I do if my core data is malformed or missing?

I'm writing a custom engine for a game. I started this game well before I understood why I should use middleware, instead, and it's too far along to rewrite. The vast majority of my data comes from ...
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How to figure out hidden fields in an .ini file?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I can't think of anywhere else that would fit better. Fallout 4 has just recently released, and I'm wondering what exactly can I edit in the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Good Configuration Manager System Design for medium-large sized projects?

I've create smaller games which simply needed a class which basically opens an INI file (with feather-ini-parser library) with config values for the whole game (rendering ops, music, bindings). But I ...
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Where to store service urls for a Unity3D game

I have URL information for services (dozens of them) that I want to store in a Unity3D web player project. What is a good practice for storing it. (please don't say hard coding them) I've recently ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Game prelauncher with configurations (resolution/quality)

I've seen that a lot of games have the exactly same configuration screen before the game launches, as you can see in the following screenshot. Is this screen generated by some tool, for example, ...
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Component-Entity Systems Code Generation [closed]

I'm really enjoying component entity approach (I'm currently using ASH haxe, but particular language/framework doesn't really matter). However the problem is - there're way too many elementary ...
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2 votes
3 answers

"CVar system" - are CVar always looked up or cached?

Many famous game such as Quake or Half-Life use CVars to allow easy and flexible game parameter manipulations. You can simply open up the console and write something like ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Game Database-Server Specifications [closed]

Our team is going to publish game in social networks. Expected DAU is about 100k, which is about 500 concurrent connections and 100-400 transactions\sec. Our main risk is the game-database server(...
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1 answer

What does Unity's "Speed of Sound"-option do?

I've been reading Unity's manual on the AudioManager's properties. Speed of Sound is the only undocumented option. What is it for?
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3 answers

Modify game using external file

In Flash, for example, I can place an xml file along with the binary, then if I modify some variable the game will change for everyone. How to achieve something like that in Android? I know that for ...
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3 answers

What's the appropriate way to define configuration settings of game objects for a proper code accessed via C++?

I defined a lot of configuration and settings of certain types of enemy characters inside header via #define similar to the following. ...
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2 answers

Markup format or script for data files? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to choose how to store data? The game I'm designing will be mainly written in a high level scripting language (leaning towards either Lua or Squirrel) with a C++ core. In ...
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2 answers

How can you store item data from a game? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Would it be better to use XML/JSON/Text or a database to store game content? How to choose how to store data? When I look at games such as warcraft 3, or Diablo, or ...
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Is there a way to setup an Android game project with a large assets during development to allow for fast testing/iteration?

I'm working on an Android port of an iOS game at the moment. I am using the Android NDK only (android_native_app_glue) in Eclipse (CDT + ADT). I am using the Android emulator, API 15 (but we are ...
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Human-readable text file format for game parameters

Basically what I want to do is put a lot of different parameters in a text file I edit by-hand, to avoid recompiling. I'm using Ogre3D, so I'm using configfile, but it gets messed up, and I'm looking ...
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Using Ninject for DependencyInjection on Xbox, noticable impact?

This may be classed as a slightly subjective question but there is very little information on this at the moment, so I just thought I would ask here incase anyone has any experience with this. I am ...
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5 answers

Why place entity config outside of scripts?

I've seen a lot of games that define the entity components in script files, but when they configure each entity and specify what components it has, they use some other file format (like XML). Why do ...
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6 answers

Usage of standardized syntaxes in gaming: yea or nay?

TL;DR: Using CSS as an element in defining rulesets in Civ-style turn-based strategy games: Madness or just plain old insanity? Real question: Designing ruleset parse rules is a pain. Every single ...
30 votes
8 answers

Would it be better to use XML/JSON/Text or a database to store game content?

I'm considering how to implement a component-based game, as that seems to be the hot thing and I like the idea of such a flexible design. One of the features of such a design is that adding new ...
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