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How do client anti-cheats prevent mock reports?

I'm mostly thinking about Riot's Vanguard and (what I think Valve does) with different bait memory addresses. How do these anti-cheat systems actually verify that if a packet is sent that it is ...
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How do mobile games implement time gates unhackably? Is it possible in offline games?

I'm thinking about porting my game to Google Play, and it would be free to play with time gates which are skippable if you watch an ad. What are the ways of implementing an unhackable time gating? ...
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Unity remote security vulnerablity risk identified. Is there a patch for beta versions?
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Obscure primitive data types against cheating [closed]

im trying to create lightweight value obscurer, against possibility to blatantly change primitive values in memory editor. Such as cheat engine. Here's what i have to far. ...
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What methods do game hacks use to counter anti hack systems?

In popular multiplayer first person shooter games, there are often hacks such as Aimbot, Noclip, Speed, and other similar hacks which I know game developers deploy anti hack features to combat, but, ...
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Prevent cheating in html Javascript game [duplicate]

I have made a Javascript/html game. Now the problem I have is anyone can edit the client code and cheat in game for example there is a man shooting a enemy. Man HP:      &...
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How to design game server to mitigate DDOS attacks [closed]

I'm in the design phase of a turn based game with low load on the server (<1 message every 10 seconds per user, <50'000 users at a time). The game is multi-platform. The protocol has not been ...
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Why does editing the client's memory in some MMOs allow them to cheat?

Why editing the memory of the game client works? Why so many "Hack protection" tools coming with the clients? If I were to design a client-server game, everything would happen at the server (the ...
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Cross-platform multiplayer game in JavaScript [closed]

I want to start creating a simple multiplayer, JavaScript based, cross-platform game. Think about it as a two player mario where players can shoot each other. My question is what is the best way (or ...
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Ensure packet owner from connection is the authentic user [duplicate]

In a multiplayer game, how can you be sure that the IP from a packet is the real IP? By spoofing I could send, for example, a "suicide packet" which tells the server that the owner of said packet ...
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How to secure Pacman game for making it fool-proof enough to keep hackers away? [closed]

We have made an online game very similar to Pacman. The idea is to award top scorers with various incentives and prizes. But at the end of the day, we need to keep hackers at bay so that our game app ...
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Are frequent game updates a solution for preventing multiplayer cheating?

I'm creating a game on Android where the enforcement of rules can only take place on client side (I can't shift it to server side...think aimbotting but in my case I wouldn't even be able to use ...
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How to prevent attackers from compromising multiplayer game servers?

Consider a relatively small multiplayer game server, written by an individual or a small company. Some malicious user wants to boost their character stats by a factor of 100. What paths of attack ...
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Stronger Hack-proof MMO Game Comparison: Game Client Based Vs. Via Web Browser [duplicate]

I was wondering. I observed most of any MMO that are hack-prone area. Hacks used one-hit kills, stealing accounts, instant level up, aimbots (mostly MMOFPS), and questionable wallers (also in MMOFPS). ...
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