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How to Prevent Fake Packets?

I am new to networking. I am currently using C# TCP/UDP for my multiplayer Unity game. I send player movement by sending a packet with a header containing clientid assigned by the server to the client....
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Handling acks during 1+ second packet loss with Glenn Fiedler's Reliable UDP Solution

I've read through Glenn Fiedler's awesome guide on Reliability over UDP and I'm currently working on my own implementation for fun and learning purposes. One pretty cool piece of Glenn's guide is that ...
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How does a client thats connecting get all the already connected clients

So I'm currently developing my own protocol on top of the already existing protocol, TCP. This is what I'm thinking.. When the client connects, it's going to send a packet to the server with the ...
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Prevent replay attacks on multiplayer character movement

When a client first connects to the server a Diffie-Hellman key exchange occurs to securely get private encryption keys to encrypt all packets. The problem comes in: what if someone sniffing packets ...
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Requesting World from Server

I'm creating a 2D Game in Java. The world is tile based with a multidimensional Array and i have the architecture for the Server-Client system. The Users/Connections to the Clients are multithreaded ...
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When doing network programming, is it always a good idea to optimize packet size as much as possible?

My question is relatively straightforward, but I haven't been able to find a concrete answer yet. I'm programming a real-time networked multiplayer game, and I'm finding many examples of places where ...
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Is it bad practice to for the server to request data for a client from another client?

I'm making a collaborative whiteboard app so that when someone is drawing and uses a rectangle for example, a rectangle packet is sent to the server with parameters like ...
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2 answers

Better to send multiple small packets or one large packet?

I'm developing a network game with node.js and I have the choice between these three options: 1) Send each point individually (very user responsive) 2) Send an update every 25 points or so (decent ...
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2 answers

Game networking, limiting amount of movement packets

I have been developing a server/client model for a game project I am working on. Everything works great, client side prediction works, server reconciliation works. Basically, the character can move ...
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Casting every received packet as struct?

What is the best performant solution to handle received data from socket, in a MMORPG game? Is it good to have something like: ...
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Ensure packet owner from connection is the authentic user [duplicate]

In a multiplayer game, how can you be sure that the IP from a packet is the real IP? By spoofing I could send, for example, a "suicide packet" which tells the server that the owner of said packet ...
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2 answers

How can I escape my field delimiter in my game's packet data?

For my game I decided to not encrypt my packet's payload. Instead I'm just going to check everything on the server to make sure the packet is legitimate. As I'm not doing any encryption, my packet's ...
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Is it important for reflection-based serialization maintain consistent field ordering?

I just finished writing a packet builder that dynamically loads data into a data stream for eventual network transmission. Each builder operates by finding fields in a given class (and its ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Game Networking Update Packets

So, I've been working on a project for a while which is basically just a little 2D game. The fun/hard part is that I've been trying to make it work as a multiplayer game. Right now, the game is just a ...
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2 answers

Packet handling system architecture?

I'm working on a multiplayer Flash game (ActionScript 3) with an accompanying server written in Python and I'd like some tips regarding networking, and specifically, the handling of packets and ...
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2 answers

Networking Client Server Packet logic (How they communicate)

I want to know what is the logic behind server client communication through packets for a real time game. for example the server sends x packets then the client receives x packets and processes them.. ...
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2 answers

Client-Server RTS networking with lockstep and lag

The peer to peer lockstep networking model would seem to indicate that everyone's input is delayed the same amount. And so this would indicate that everyone would feel the same lag in response to ...
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3 answers

Networking for RTS games with lockstep using UDP

Apparently from what I can gather Starcraft 2 moved to UDP in a patch. Now obviously with fps games there is no dispute that UDP is the only way to go. But with RTS games what benefits does UDP give ...
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2 answers

Elegant way to handle packet loss in a lockstep P2P RTS?

What's an elegant way to handle packet loss in a lockstep simulation peer-to-peer RTS where only player input data is sent over the network? For example, let's say it's tick 1000 and player 1 sends a ...
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4 answers

Can packet latency fluctuate?

Can the time it takes for a packet to be transmitted from a client to the server fluctuate?
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