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An Android-based video game console with free development kits.

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Make continuos movements with controllers in LibGDX

I've been trying to make the OUYA controlers work with a LibGDX Framework Practice Game. Everything is working perfectly expected for one thing : The movements are not continuos. The problem is, ...
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Ouya build experiencing odd graphical artifacts, screen half black

I'm witnessing very odd graphical artifacts when I run my Unity game on Ouya. After the Unity splash screen, the game loads with the screen half black. This seemingly has started occurring out of the ...
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OUYA and Unity set up problems

I'm having trouble with the Unity / OUYA plugin. I'm using Unity 4 with the latest update on a Windows 7 machine. When I open the starter kit and try to compile the plugin I get the following error: ...
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OUYA Developer Kit throws various errors on start

I followed these instructions for Mac OS X using an existing IDE (shell + text editor) instead of the Eclipse ADT thingy. I activated “Use Host GPU”, and installed Intel HAXM. Installing the ouya-...
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How to setup a client to work with a remote server or a local included server?

I'm working on a Networked multiplayer game, but while developing and for testing I want to set up a local server that acts like the multiplayer server. My thought is to approach the server as a ...
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Test for the presence of the ouya ODK

How would it be possible to test for the presence of the ODK at run time? Currently I took this approach: ...
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Graphics not being displayed on OUYA

I hope its not too early to be asking OUYA dev questions, but I just got my dev kit and I want to get my game running ASAP! I am using LibGDX as my framework for my game and launching the Android ...
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