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Understanding User Input Behind the Scenes?

I am a bit confused on how user input is actually received and processed behind the scenes in a game engine. Let's say I have a simplistic game loop as follows... ...
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Is there a simple way to check for available space on an iOS device within a Unity app?

I was trying to use System.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives()[0] to retrieve available disk space but that only works on a computer. I was wondering if there was any simple ...
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Ideal scheduler on the operating system for games?

In linux, the preferred scheduler is CFS (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm not sure what the preferred scheduler is on Windows. It's possible to change the scheduler in linux, even after you boot. I'm ...
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How to set my game to load low-level drivers from a different System32 folder path

The title says it all I'm doing a test with my game and I need to know how to set it up where my game loads low-level drivers from a System32 Folder that is in another path instead of this example:...
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How can I make the cursor avoid something completely?

I wrote some code for a UI button that causes the mouse to avoid it. I realize this is kind of a weird thing to do in a game design-wise, but this is a really weird game. I need a button that is not ...
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How can i port my OpenGL game to linux? [closed]

I made a game with OpenGL 4.3(core profile) and C++. I used GLFW3 for window and context management. I am also using bunch of third party library which are also available for linux. What things do i ...
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In Unity, how can I register a custom file type that is always opened with my game?

I want my players to be able to create their own scenes as custom levels, save them as files (say custom1.gamelevel), and open them directly in my game program by ...
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Android and iPhone Global Market Share

I made the mistake of making my game Android only (via libGDX). A lot of people are asking me for an iPhone/iPad version. Sigh. (Next time, I'll use Unity or Corona SDK.) I've searched high and low, ...
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World of Warcraft servers [closed]

Does anybody knows or have any info about the OS of the servers of World of Warcraft? I have a "debate" with some friends about the OS behind WoW. They say it could be Win, which is very strange for ...
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Why aren't more games 64-bit executables? [closed]

Until now I've seen that many games are still compiled in 32-bit architecture although nearly 50% of current Windows users are on 64-bit OS? Why is this? If the reason is for getting larger audience (...
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Why is there a lack of games for Linux? [closed]

What is wrong with the Linux/*nix family for games? What makes the development of games for this platform too slow compared to Windows or even OS X?
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