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What´s wrong with my Frustum Culling implementation?

I´m struggling with a weird problem since hours. Ive implemented frustum culling with the help of online articles and a book. The problem is that the objects are not culled correctly. I´m using ...
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Having some trouble with my frustum checking code

I'm trying to check if a bounding sphere is either within or intersecting my frustum. It mostly works but there are cases where it should and it doesn't. The frustum is made up of 6 planes which have ...
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Efficient collision detection of sphere with wall

I'm building a first-person game where up till now the player has been represented as a dimensionless point; this makes collision detection really easy, as I can just cast a ray along their velocity ...
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Welzl Algorithm to find the Smallest Bounding Sphere

I'm implementing Welzl's Algorithm to find the Smallest Bounding Sphere. In brief, the algorithm works by maintaining: a set of points to contain in the sphere (inside its interior, or on its ...
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How do I implement a AABB-Sphere collision

i have been trying to implement an aabb-sphere collision. This is what I tried ...
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How can I use a bounding sphere for intersection? [closed]

How can I use a bounding sphere for intersection, like on a statue? Would I use the radius to detect intersection?
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Clamp point to triangle for sphere collision

I'm having some issues clamping a 3d to barycentric triangle. I've searched for some time now and keep seeing the same results, that (u,v,w) should be clamped between 0 and 1. But when I clamp those ...
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Bounding Volumes for Empty Space

I'm creating an Android game that relies heavily on collision detection for a couple of players (at least up to 4). I researched hierarchical structures that could speed up the process. Because I have ...
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Smooth radial collision

I'm trying to make collisions smoother in my game. Currently, entities will stop completely when they collide with an obstacle. I saw the following article recently:
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How do I get a SphereCollider's global origin in Unity?

I've been following this tutorial: Understanding Steering Behaviors: Collision Avoidance but I'm having trouble implementing one of the functions correctly in Unity, here's the code: ...
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Calculate diameter of sphere large enough to encompasss a frustum

I'm attempting to speed up box-to-box collision checks by first testing if two spheres large enough to encompass each (respectively) would collide (because I'm using separating axis theorem and it's ...
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XNA 3D Unable to Position Bounding Sphere

I have a collision method that seems like it would work, and it does, but the bounding sphere is always at 0, 0, 0. How do I fix this? Any more code and or details are available upon request. ...
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Wall penetration

I have a terrain with geometry that is fairly ridged. I needed to make sure the player didn't enter the world geometry, so I used sphere-triangle intersections (after narrow down of which tris to ...
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How to calculate the Screen Position of a bounding sphere/box?

Synopsis: What I have is an object rendered on the screen. I need to calculate the top-left / bottom-right of it's location on the screen in Screen Coordinates. Explanation: The object is ...
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Simple Bounding Sphere Calculations for 2d game

I'm writing a 2d game and have a question regarding the use of bounding spheres. I'm kind of OK with the math, but I'm confused about one thing. To work out the distance between the 2 centre points ...
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Unity3d: Box collider attached to animated FBX models through scripts at run-time have wrong dimension

I have several scripts attached to static and non static models of my scene. All models are instantiated at run-time (and must be instantiated at run-time because I'm procedural building the scene). ...
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Transforming bounding spheres

When testing bounding spheres as part of the collision detection process, I'm using this method: ...
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