For questions about modding Minecraft, regardless of the edition.

Screenshot of the Minecraft box art.

Minecraft, is an exploration and survival-based voxel sandbox game with a twist: every world is procedurally generated and (almost) endless.

What is modding in Minecraft?

Modding in Minecraft allows users to customize many features of the game through:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Code Manipulation
  • Scripting

Java is the most common programming language used in Minecraft mods, but you can also expect to see JavaScript within add-ons for Bedrock edition. The tag should be used when you have a question or problem related to creating and programming a Minecraft mod.

Note: Mods are NOT the same as plugins. See this post to learn more about the difference.

📚 Resources

There are plenty of resources available for modding and customizing Minecraft, regardless of the edition of the title you're playing.

Name Java Edition Bedrock Edition
Bukkit ✔️ ❌
Forge ✔️ ❌