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How to synchronize the main thread (rendering, 60 FPS) with the game logic thread (10 FPS)

I wrote some games years ago, and they were always in sync with the main thread. So, for example if the monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz it would look like below. ...
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Using pygame with multiple threads

I have decided to try out pygame. I created a class that is supposed to handle all the GUI and game related stuff. My idea is that I would have two seperate threads. One to handle the GUI and one to ...
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Is it always necessary to synchronize rendering in a game loop?

When writing a game loop from scratch in java for an android game applications, it is very common in many tutorials I have read that the keyword synchronized is used to synchronize update and ...
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Pause updating but keep rendering

I am creating an implementation of Snakes and ladders and I run into some issues.The game is updating too fast and I want to limit the framerate kinda,or make a pause so that the move is actually ...
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Unity is single thread then why unity webgl says asset bundles are load in main thread

Got stuck in a performance issue in Unity WebGL that whenever my asset bundles are load, my unity game gets freeze for some seconds/minutes. I know that unity is not thread-safe and it is based on a ...
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