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Is Mogre (essentially Ogre, but C#) dead? If so what would be a viable alternative to it? [closed]

I've been looking around for a 3D engine where I can use C# to replace Unity lately, but haven't really come up with much. Ogre looked promising, but it wasn't C# however Mogre is. Sadly looks like it ...
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How to fix this existing shadow shader/material with alpha textures?

I hope I could get some help here in finally resolving this problem of mine re: shadow casting with alpha textures. Here's a screenshot on what I am hoping for as a result: A friend of mine just ...
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Alpha blending without depth writing

A recurring problem I get is this one: given two different billboard sets with alpha textures intended to create particle special effects (such as point lights and smoke puffs), rendering them ...
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Does OGRE do hardware skinning by default?

I am trying to understand how OGRE works at a lower level, and from what I have read so far, I believe OGRE generates shaders from material scripts using its RTShader system, on the loading of each ...
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