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What is the proper use of CADisplayLink, and where do I put game logic?

I have an iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 game and currently have a CADisplayLink with a :render method. In this render method I do all the game's logic updates and drawing. Is this correct? Or should my game ...
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1 answer

iPhone, iPad Rendering Ahead of Input (4-5 seconds)

UPDATE I think I solved this one, though any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome! This one is truly bizarre... I'm developing using both an iPhone 3GS and an iPad 2. This symptom is ...
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2 answers

Texture artifacts on iPad

I'm porting an iPhone game to the iPad. When I move textures "quickly" (5.0 pixels every update at a rate of 60 Hz) I start to see little "artifacts" or remnants of where the texture used to be. I'm ...
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