Im trying to understand the SRP batcher. I have a scene with 300 fairly low-poly models.

These are my rendering stats with SRP Batcher:

enter image description here

And this is without SRP Batcher: enter image description here

Some observations (This is all with dynamic batching enabled, models share a GPU instanced material):

  1. With SRP Batcher the Tris and Verts seem to lower almost impossibly low, sitting at the low thousands, while without the SRP Batcher they are almost 5 million.
  2. With SRP Batcher the draw calls are at almost 3000, with none being batched. On the other hand, without SRP Batcher the draw calls are at 103, with almost 2500 being batched.

I cannot really make sense of this. I see no noticable effect on the FPS. I have no idea which is actually better for performance. The stats above make no real sense to me, seems strange that enabling SRP batcher removes all batched calls... Can someone help me understand which is better and when to use what?

Everything is tested on latest unity and URP versions.


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