I'm trying to make two objects, in is an intact glass, the other one is the glass but shattered.

So for the shattered glass, in Maya I make a Plane, cut it with the multi-cut tool, extrude the faces, select the object and then separate. So I have every single piece of the glass as a single object. After that, I select them all, Modify->Center Pivot.

Now when I import this into unity, this is where the problems arrive.

  • When I rotate the native parent object, which holds all the glass pieces, it looks right:

Native Parent Rotation

  • When I rotate all the child glass pieces, the distort some weird way, the scaling is really off on one axis and they appear very thin:

Native Child Rotation

  • Now, when I create a new empty GameObject on root level, and simply add all the children glass pieces to this object, they rotate just fine and have the right scaling:

New Parent - Child Rotation

  • But now, when I rotate the parent, the pivot point seems to be completely off:

New Parent - Parent Rotation

The rotation I make is a simple gameObject.transform.Rotate (Vector3.left);

How can I achieve the correct pivot point for the parent, and avoid the weird scaling issues on the children? I need to be precise of course, because the shattered parent object is supposed to replace the intact glass object 1:1 after a collision.


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Okay, I finally fixed it after several hours.

Problem was, my parent plane in Maya was set to something like 6,3 / 2,1 / 3,1. So this was the scaling the object always got imported into Unity, which messed up its space / pivot points.

In Maya I now just used Modify->Freeze Transformations on the Plane, to normalize it to 1 / 1 / 1. After that I had to re-reset my pivot points on my glass pieces (select all, Modify->Center Pivot.

Now all rotates around the correct pivot points and scales the way it's supposed to.


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