With Cocos2D I can run two actions in parallel by simply using runAction and I can use a CCSequence two run several actions after each other. However what I could not find is:

  • Run two actions simultaneously
  • When both actions are done, trigger a third CCAction

It must be really easy but I seem to use the wrong search keywords on Google. :-)

The only possible solution I have found so far is to use a delayed action as the first element of a CCSequence and then start the third action. But it "feels" wrong.


Use this code (cocos2dx v3.x):

node->runAction( Sequence::create( Spawn::create(A, B, nullptr),

This is what happen:

  1. A and B start simultaneously
  2. After the longer one finished, C start.

Important: Remember that you should use finite action when using Sequence. for example you should not use RepeatForever for actions when use them in Sequence.

cocos2d v2.x

node->runAction( CCSequence::create( CCSpawn::create(A, B, NULL),

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