I'm making a game which the user can use the arrow keys to scroll left and right to view the map. I had an issue with the health bars of my enemies being drawn way off even though I set them to be drawn at the x and y position of the enemy.

I tried to debug using the following line to draw something at mouse_x and mouse_y:

draw_text(mouse_x, mouse_y, "X");

The X on screen would be at the correct position (the mouse position) when the mouse was at 0, 0, BUT as the mouse was moved farther right or down, the respective x or y offset became bigger and bigger, almost like I said to draw the X at mouse_x * 1.5, mouse_y * 1.5.

I'm using a view (view[0]) to allow the user to scroll through the map, and I thought this might be the source of the issue. This is the code I used to allow the user to scroll left and right:

if (view_xview[0] < room_width - view_wview[0]){
    view_xview += clamp(room_width - view_xview[0], 0, 10);
    view_xview[0] = room_width - view_wview[0];

The same code was used for moving left, but reversed.


Make sure that you haven't accidentally chosen "Draw GUI" rather than "Draw" to put this code in. These are two very different things in Game Maker. Draw uses the absolute x and y coordinates, whereas Draw GUI uses the position relative to the window.


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