I have this function to get the rotation angle from my sprite and a target:

getAngle( spr:Sprite, x:number, y:number ):number
    let vx:number = x - ( spr.getX() + spr.w / 2 );
    let vy:number = y - ( spr.getY() + spr.h / 2 );
    let angle = Math.atan2( vy, vx ) * (180 / Math.PI);
    return angle;

Basically this is:

target.x - sprite.centerX;

target.y - sprite.centerY;

Then i use atan2 and multiply by radians. The way I use that angle is:

ctx.translate( this.getX() + centerX, this.getY() + centerY );
ctx.rotate( this.angle );
ctx.scale( this.xScale, this.yScale );
ctx.translate( - ( this.getX() + centerX ), -( this.getY() + centerY ) );

However, the above is not working. I have been investigating this and it seems to be okay, but it still does not work for me. Any ideas?


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after i posted the question i was looking a little deeper, the code seems to work fine, however works if the canvas element has a position of x:0 & y:0, so if is in a different place like mine which is centered and has margings/paddings then the coordinates of the canvas are different. to fix this i had to correct mouseMove.clientX & mouseMove.clientY values not passing them directly:

        let boundingRect = canvas.getBoundingClientRect();
        let eX = event.clientX - boundingRect.left;
        let eY = event.clientY - boundingRect.top;
        this.arrowShooter.angle =getAngle(this.arrowShooter, eX, eY);

so substracting left and top from canvas.getBoundingClientRect() to event.clientX/Y fixed mouse canvas coordinates.


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