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How do I do a game loop in c99?
6 votes

Fabian Sanglard has some excellent code reviews of id's C engines, such as his Quake 2 code review. It's a good reference for how a reasonably "modern" game was written in C.

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How can I get started programming OpenGL on Mac OS X?
1 votes

Apple actually has a guide just for this very thing here.

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Good open source iOS games?
0 votes

Fabien Sanglard has released an engine/game of his written in C. It's not exactly AAA quality, but it runs and compiles on all major platforms (iOS and Android included). He has quite a few writeups ...

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Object updates, internal vs external?
-1 votes

I recommend you try to read up on component based architectures. There are quite a few blog posts, presentations and write ups out there about them that can do a better job than I ever could. ...

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