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38 votes

Why are people developing and publishing games online without charging money?

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Why are microtransactions more or less universally hated?

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Continents with Simplex noise

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What are some ways to keep the player engaged in an endless game?

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Intentionally using "worse machines" to develop a game?

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Is it unethical to make a game AI that is secretly non-competitive?

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Why do games have consumables?

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Procedurally generate regions on island

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Reasons to not use Root Motion

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Should we have multiple scripts doing only one thing, or one large script?

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Creating custom types that extend certain objects

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How can I spin object randomly change direction every x seconds on the y axis only?

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How should the player unlock things?

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Appropriate use for prefabs in Unity in a coordinate based game?

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How best to structure/manage hundreds of 'in-game' characters