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I am a 19years old guy from germany currently started my training as programmer. I always loved fantasy and sci-fi, but everytime i watched a movie or read a book or played a game i thought i would change some parts or add something, make it huge!
I am a fan of a more darker and deeper world, not with fancy battles and a happy ending, i think the battlefield is way more sad and dramatic then often shown.

So i started to write some small storys, i write them in german so i hope you can forgive my poor english grammar.

Currently i want to create a huge story set in a sci fi universe, everytime i read some storys set in the sci-fi universe i think there is much more to show. I expect the battleground in the future even more brutal and sad then in the past or now. A sci-fi universe like the movie saving private ryan. As a kid i loved to play with tanks and "play war", but this movie showed me the first time war is not "cool", it is brutal, it is sad, no one cared about the men who fight the war for their country for their empire. I will tell their story. At least i try.

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