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Should I avoid using object inheritance as possible to develop a game?
20 votes

You got a few nice answers already, but the huge elephant in the room in your question is this one: heard from someone that using inheritance must be avoided, and we should use interfaces instead ...

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Non-integer speed values - is there a cleaner way to do this?
Accepted answer
13 votes

Bresenham In the old times, when people were still writing their own basic video routines for drawing lines and circles, it was not unheard of to use the Bresenham line algorithm for that. Bresenham ...

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Is it unethical to make a game AI that is secretly non-competitive?
4 votes

No, it is neither unethical nor necessary In fact, there are no "ethics" involved here, just fun. That said, it should not be necessary to make it uncompetitive at all, in the ideal world. Give the ...

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How do videogames store information offscreen?
0 votes

To answer your question: video games keep the state of the game world in some abstract data structure that has nothing to do with the screen. This is then rendered to the screen as needed (i.e., ...

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