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Is there an FBX file/model viewer for Mac OS X?
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4 votes

Found it! The FBX Converter can be downloaded from the FBX Plug-Ins, Converter, and QuickTime Viewer Downloads page. One opened there's an "Add FBX Viewer" button which can display FBX contents and ...

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How to manage game components and their attributes?
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3 votes

You probably want a component-entity system. It's a lot like mixins (versus interface and inheritance). From Evolve Your Hierarchy: Up until fairly recent years, game programmers have ...

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How can I get six Xbox controllers to provide input to an HTML5 game?
2 votes

Assuming your controllers are wireless, the first thing you'll need is the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. It's a $20 USB device that lets you use your Xbox 360 controllers as input devices. If ...

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What are the best ways to serialize and unserialize network messages for C/C++ multiplayer game?
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This problem has been solved by Google and Facebook: Google's Protocol Buffers — Google is a big user of C++: Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible ...

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