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Martin Marconcini
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I disagree with StackOverflow discontinuing JOBS/Developer Story, so I may not be as active as before on this site.

I also don't want this data to be harvested to be used by AI, so I will not use this platform anymore, fuck you, Stack Overflow.

Android developer (Kotlin/Java) and some Flutter (newbie). Did iOS (Swift) for a while, not really up to date with the latest Swift.

I'm very interested in doing Rust, but I haven't found a chance to properly learn it and nobody will pay me to do it so... here we are :)

I haven't done Objective-C since before ARC. I haven't done C#.NET since .NET 3.5 in 2011.

I occasionally use Windows for gaming. I mainly use Linux for everything else (and macOS when I have no choice, which is sometimes the case in some corporate environments).

Note to Recruiters: Please don't make me offers that are not 100% remote friendly; I've been working from home since 2001 and I expect to continue to do so, pandemic or not. Coming to an office every now and then or once a week is fine, but it should not be the norm; as a developer, the distractions are too many.

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